Our House Wines

Wines are listed driest to sweetest:

                                                                                                            Glass:    Bottle: 

Cabernet… Stay Tuned!

Bellville Red’s Malbec: SOLD OUT                                                    $9               $28

Sangiovese… Stay Tuned!

Velvet Rain Pinot Noir: SOLD OUT                                                    $9               $28

A pleasantly dry, smooth red wine.

Sauvignon Blanc: A crisp, refreshing dry Sauvignon Blanc.               $9               $28

Penitentiary Pinot Grigio: A crisp, refreshing                                      $5.5             $16               

dry Pinot Grigio.

Dr Stofer’s Pomegranate:                                                                   $6.5             $                                                         

Starry Night: Semi- sweet with citrus and peach flavors.                   $5.5             $16            

Silver medal winner in Ohio Wines Competition.

Cherry-Pomegranate: A tart semi-sweet blend of                               $6                $17

our House-Made Cherry and Pomegranate Wine.                                                  

Over the Cherry Moon: Semi-sweet with a tart finish.                        $5.5             $16

Cranberry: Now Available                                                                   $6.5             $18

Midnight Rendezvous: A delicious Isabella grape and                       $6                $17

 blackberry blend!        

Pear: Sweet, crisp, and refreshing, just like a pear!                           $5.5             $16               

Apple: Back in stock!                                                                          $5.5             $16

A sweet, mellow and crisp apple wine.

Moscato: Double gold medal winner. Sweet white wine with             $5.5             $16

hints of citrus and peach.

Strawberry Moon: A sweet refreshing blend of our Award                $6                $17

Winning Moscato and Strawberry Wine.

Southern Sunset Peach: Sweet and light with a crisp,                     $5.5             $16

 refreshing finish.

Strawberry: “World’s Best Strawberry Wine”                                    $6.5             $18

Blueberry: Now Available!                                                                 $9                 $21

Northern Lights Raspberry: Sweet with bold raspberry                    $6.5             $18

tartness finish.    

Rhubarb: Silver medal winner. Tastes just like rhubarb pie!            $5.5             $16

Strawberry-Rhubarb: A blend of our two favorites!                           $6                $17        

Sweet Dreams:                                                                                 $4               $12

A flirty, fun blend of sweet & fruity flavors.      

Daydreamer: Sweet white wine, very grapey with slight                  $4                $12

Floral undertones.

Harvest Moon: A sweet, easy drinking red wine!                             $4.5             $14            

Gold medal in Ohio Wines Competition.                            




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